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Debt Consolidation Loans and Different Types of Debt

Debt consolidation is a way of combining your debts into one, making them more manageable and easier to keep track of. It can be an effective debt solution for people looking to simplify their finances and/or free up cash each month. The most common type of debt consolidation is a debt consolidation loan – a […]
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Educate your way through the Recession

It is a scary time for all of us as the world financial crisis grows, but it is only as bad as you let it be. It is a particularly tough time for students or people thinking if becoming a student, especially if they need a student loan. The decision to further your education is […]
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Getting a Loan during a Recession – Is it Possible?

The recession’s impact has left so many people wondering if they can dare to dream. Dream of buying a home, a new car, and there is a fear that the recession effects will impact on their own personal lives. Since the onset of the subprime mortgage crisis, lenders are tightening their lending criteria. These days […]
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What caused the Recession?

America’s subprime mortgage crash late in 2007 has impacted across the world and caused a recession in the US. Financial doom and gloom is spreading. Lenders gave subprime mortgages to people with bad credit, who could only qualify for mortgages with high credit rates. The flow on effect has been to those borrowers with good […]
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Home Mortgages – Will your Credit Report let you Down?

Now you think is the right time to buy yourself a home. You have dreamed of getting off the renting merry-go-round and want to try and pay off a house for yourself.  The big question is can you afford to get a mortgage? The other question is whether your credit rating is good enough to […]
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